Helping Habitat


habitatlogo.gifProject Description:

  • Worksites to help our local Habitat chapter in its effort to fight substandard housing
    • 4-hour shifts---Instant Gratification! You can see your contribution to a family’s new home!      
    • Worksites are usually close to the medical center
    • No Experience is needed.
      • If you are interested in Surgery, it is a GREAT way to improve your dexterity and eye-hand coordination.
  • Annual Spring Break and/or Summer Break Trips:
    • Summer Break 2011 Trip: Pensacola, Florida
      • We worked from 8am-3pm and had the opportunity to go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine!
    • Spring Break 2010 Trip: Punta Gorda, Florida
    • Spring Break 2009 Trip: Lakeland, Florida

Current Chair

David Lopez

Austin Stoelting


Faculty Advisor


Address | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Ph: (317) 274-0000 | Fax: (317) 278-0000