Doctor Camp/Camp MD- AHEC partnership

Project Description

Indianapolis Doctor Camp is a 1 day summer program that encourages interest in science and medicine through fun, interactive learning. The program is designed for inner city and minority students, but is open to all students grades 5-8.

Indianapolis Camp MD is a Medical Detective workshop that explores all the health professions and lasts 2 days. This camp is for high school students with an interest in medicine or any health career.

Medical student in partnership with our local AHEC office lead the "classes" the students take throughout the day for both Doctor Camp and Camp MD. The classes will each have a lesson plan and are fun for both the volunteers and students.

Camp registration (all camper registration, permission and non-medical student oversight is managed by AHEC)


Current Co-Chairs (Indianapolis)

Lisa Fink

Crystal Heim

Faculty Advisor

Patricia Treadwell, MD



Project descriptions for Fort Wayne and Terre Haute, Doctor Camp/Camp MD



Event Pictures

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