Alternative Spring Break - International

Project Overview 


Medical, dental and graduate-level allied health and health professions student volunteers participate in this spring break service learning experience sponsored by the IU Department of Family Medicine’s ENLACE Project.  Students are engaged in short-term global health infrastructure development, community health initiatives and clinical shadowing opportunities organized by Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA), a non-profit organization working in El Salvador for over 25 years and in partnership with the IU ENLACE Project since 2012. This spring break service learning experience is the most recent expansion of the ENLACE Global Health Project in El Salvador, which currently includes the 4-week Summer Language and Cultural Immersion and the 4-week Global Health Elective in the municipality of Suchitoto, El Salvador.

 Sponsoring academic units at Indiana University

Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine

 Co-sponsoring U.S. institutions or organizations, if any

Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA). A key component in the ENLACE Project expansion is the collaborative partnership with CoCoDA, the on-the-ground management organization responsible for delivering well-rounded and in-depth educational delegations. CoCoDA sets up key meetings, makes housing arrangements, conducts an in-depth orientation, provides interpretation/translation at all meetings, facilitates reflections spaces and accompanies the group everywhere they go in country. 

Current Co-Chair

Sonia, Phadke,

Staff/Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Custer,

ENLACE Global Health Project

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